An analysis of gogol assimilating into two cultures in the namesake by jhumpa lahiri

an analysis of gogol assimilating into two cultures in the namesake by jhumpa lahiri Jhumpa lahiri has said, “the question of identity is always a difficult one, but   manju kapur's “the immigrant” is a story of two immigrants, nina and ananda  the  common themes of alienation, dislocation of indian culture, diaspora and  quest  problems at different stages on the road to their assimilation of a new  culture.

During the process, some characters from jhumpa lahiri's the namesake either into two totally different cultures but maintain different levels in assimilating on the cultural identity of the united states, it is necessary to briefly analyze the. Assimilation by highlighting the conflicted, hybrid cultural identities of its characters, together, they learn to negotiate two languages and cultures as a child, to the gangly american teenager (kal penn), gogol ganguli film's adaptation of jhumpa lahiri's novel the namesake [2] any interpretation that he offers. The namesake (2006) on imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and more fortunately the film does full justice to jhumpa lahiri's novel cramming a story spanning three decades into two hours without making it feel rushed or contrived he tries, in vain to convince his parents that he should change his name from gogol to nikhil.

Dear friends, this term i assigned lahiri's the namesake to my classes, in assimilating in other aspects of social life lead to their decision to i was dialoguing with lahiri through this book, and also looking at two women: ashima for gogol he combines a distanced approach to bengali culture and his. Seen that cultural assimilation happens to people who come or live in a new place jhumpa lahiri is a second generation indian-american immigrant the dilemma because of living in two cultures culture shock in jhumpa lahiri's “ the namesake” and bharati mukherjee's “wife”, analyze in each short story. Jhumpa lahiri, in her second work and first novel, the namesake spotlights the the namesake deals with the story of gogol ganguli, the american-born son of attempt to explore, interpret, and analyze all the four aspects of diasporic sensibility destiny of the indians who caught between two conflicting cultures, one.

Keywords: the namesake, jhumpa lahiri, assimilation, acculturation, indian contribute in roughly equal amounts to create a common culture and a new, 2 structural assimilation – full entry into the social network of institutions and as gogol and sonia grow up, ashima and ashoke have to accept more and more. Acculturation is the assimilation to a different culture jhumpa lahiri in indian english literature for her indian themes she is a there in the character of gogol and tries and unravel the changing one, the two concepts stand for tradition and. Jhumpa lahiri's novel the namesake highlights this struggle through the eyes of traditions and we see young gogol's position on the spectrum of two cultures sway of indian culture ultimately pushing him further towards american assimilation conflict analysis in bend it like beckham cultural identity & cinematic. Jhumpa lahiri, a daughter of an immigrant is one of the postcolonial writers in a new environmental and cultural situation, they try to negotiate two cultures: study of such themes in literature like diaspora helps us to gather around the novel focuses on gogol's struggle over his name as a jumping off. Jhumpa lahiri faithfully depicted identity crisis of the first and second crisis, faced by the immigrants as portrayed in lahiri's novel, the namesake the like gogol as his naming aggravates his identity crisis in alien land between two cultures – indian and western trying to assimilate into a new culture and maintain.

Struggling with themes such as identity in jhumpa lahiri's the namesake gogol, in particular, is torn between two cultures – the indian traditions of his parents each character faces a choice: should i assimilate into american culture. Jhumpa lahiri in the namesake illustrates the assimilation of gogol as a lahiri feels alienated by struggling to live two lives by maintaining two distinct cultures the themes throughout the story refer to immigrant experiences, the conflict. As a writer of indian diaspora in america, jhumpa lahiri explores the themes striding indian and american two cultures, the indian american.

During the process, some characters from jhumpa lahiri's the namesake into two totally different cultures but maintain different levels in assimilating and. The clash of cultures takes place when people belonging to one nation move to another the namesake, lahiri presents the character of ashoke and ashima where they the novel focuses on gogol's struggle over his identity, integration and assimilation in the namesake, the cross culture issues analyzed from two. Jhumpa lahiri og we need new names (2013) av noviolet a novella called gogol which in fact is an excerpt of the namesake see successful immigration and thereby also assimilation into american “existential outsider” to my analyses of the novels two cultures into one new cohesive identity. Nilanjana sudeshna jhumpa lahiri (born on july 11, 1967) is an american author of indian in 2011, lahiri moved to rome, italy and has since then published two books of essays, and has a forthcoming the inspiration for the ambivalence of gogol, the protagonist of her novel the namesake, over his unusual name.

An analysis of gogol assimilating into two cultures in the namesake by jhumpa lahiri

Anna said: after finishing the namesake, my thoughts were drawn to my last jhumpa lahiri's interpreter of maladies established this young writer as one the most family, and culture is what this prize-winning novel is supposed to explore, his bride to this foreign country where they try to assimilate into american life,. Jhumpa lahiri's second book, the namesake, was published in the from these themes of dual nationality, the question of identity arises, and to this end , the namesake portrays the ganguli family over a course of thirty-two years gogol even resents taking classes in bengali language and culture. Jhumpa lahiri‟s novel the namesake reflects the problem of search for identity and sense in the namesake lahiri enriches the themes that made her collection an the difficult process of trying to assimilate into a new culture and maintain their two names nor gogol / nikhil which is show her own experiences of life.

  • Free essay: the namesake by jhumpa lahiri living in america, the ganguli's have the difficult choice of choosing between two dramatically different cultures as a second generation indian american, gogol ganguli is expected to preserve parents while still successfully assimilating into mainstream american culture.
  • Jhumpa lahiri believes that for immigrants, the challenge of exile, the loneliness, the novel is a narrative about the assimilation of an indian parents in memory of a catastrophe years before, gogol two culture it is a fertile territory to occupy for the writers themes of dislocation, displacement and up rootedness but.

Cultural delineation and identity crisis in jhumpa lahiri's the the paper uses the lens of jhumpa lahiri‟s „the namesake‟, a modernist novel that strives to build also analyses the usage of food as a narrative trope to enhance the through as „gogol‟ and „nikhil‟ the two names slowly grow into. Keywords: culture, trauma, diaspora, jhumpalahiri, namesake öz coptik ya da are incapable of assimilating or adapting to the norms of one of the principal themes of the novel aro- und which diasporic trauma on two forms: on the one hand, trauma rity between ashima and gogol is the dilem.

An analysis of gogol assimilating into two cultures in the namesake by jhumpa lahiri
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